Keep in touch with your patients and continue to build your practice with potential new patients.

How does Teethaffairs work?

Its simple, once you signup, you will get a “Unique Provider Link”. This link can be embedded on your website, for example: An image that says “Start a Remote Dental Consultation with Dr.Your Name”.

When your patients click on the image, Teethaffairs collects all the details, that you normally have them fill out, such as their dental issues, medical issues, (insurance details if applicable) and a few pictures of their dental issue.” Once patients completes the payment, we will send you an email alert. You can log in to your Teeth affairs account and review the patients details under “My Consults” and instantly provide a response, if necessary call in a prescription.(E Rx coming soon).

Teethaffairs will reimburse the providers on a monthly basis, based on the number of consults. Should you have any more questions,  please do not hesitate to contact us.

Teethaffairs provider message and helpful info.

Dear Dentist friend! Thank you for your further interest in becoming a Teethaffairs Teledental Provider. Providers are considered “Independent Dentist” according to Teethaffairs Terms of Service. For a limited time, provider set up fees of $199 is waived. There will be a monthly maintenance fee of $20 per provider. Teethaffairs charges patients a “Total Fee” of $25 for each remote consultation. That includes a “Service Fee” $5 and a “Professional Fee” of $20. Teethaffairs will reimburse the Independent Dentist the Professional Fees periodically. Currently reimbursements will be distributed by check payments monthly, until automated electronic bank transfer feature is implemented.

Providers can screen patient’s dental and medical information, triage and (diagnose when possible) and advise patients electronically via Teethaffairs platform, the ideal follow up plan, home care, a prescription or OTC meds and when your patients can expect to see you (or a referral when appropriate). If needed, a courtesy phone call/chat/email to request for additional information or advice may be appreciated by patients and it helps to maintain or build relationships with existing and new patients for your practice.

When responding to remote consultations, Providers may recommend a Live Chat consultation when appropriate. If a patient is interested in the live chat, providers, office staff or patients may get in touch with each other by phone/email or chat to discuss, schedule and make payment arrangements for a video chat. Teethaffairs neither restricts communication between the provider and patients nor regulates additional charges to patients or insurance claims for any treatment provided outside Teethaffairs platform.

Teethaffairs is your friend.

Teethaffairs does not practice dentistry. It is simply a platform to connect dentist and patients virtually, with store and forward information. It helps to build your practice and maintain your doctor-patient relationship.

Your relationship with Teethaffairs

At Teethaffairs, there is no long term contract. As an independent dentist, you may cancel the services at anytime. Once the service is cancelled Teethaffairs will not hold, maintain or be able to recover any data created by you.

Teethaffairs does not impose or regulate any rules or restrictions. You may use Teethaffairs Platform as is, in a legal way and follow all the rules and regulations of the dental board (and/or similar regulatory authorities) in your respective jurisdictions.

Teethaffairs will send or forward, administrative messages, patients health information received from patients for Remote Consultation services, forward your dental advise and recommendations to patients. In order to secure patient’s health information, providers shall protect shall be responsible to protect all patient details that are accessed, downloaded and/or printed. We advise to not share Teethaffairs credentials with anyone else other than clinical and administrative staff and use the Teethaffairs platform only for the purpose intended. Teethaffairs does not provide any medical or dental advise or opinions to dentists or to patients and therefore shall not be liable for any claims arising out of medical or dental disputes.